Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

Flames of War - (Tutorial) - Ruined Houses (Modular Set)

Hi all.... considering all the need for buildings and in regards to my former post I tried to at least safe some money and invest some time in more ruined buildings.

For that I took again my large sized beermatt bases and did some castings. As described in the tutorial about the ruined house objective marker I broke the casting into pieces and rubble.

The parts are then glued along with the rubble to the base and basecoated.

Assuming this ruin is a bit longer in existance I the used filler for some earth and gave that a brown  basecoat.

Next steps include a drybrush with white on the stone structures as well as a drybrush with Vallejo US Field Drab on the earthen structures. Afterwards I took some white PVA Glue and added lines for sanding as well as for flocking.

Happy building everyone

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