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Flames of War - (Tutorial) - Painting - German Panther Tank (Plastic Soldier Company) - Part 1

Hi all !
Finally a new topic and this time it is paintings tutorials. As described in an earlier post you will find the conversion paints for Citadel colours to my Vallejo used ones for your pleasure.

The tank itself is easy to assemble even if you do not have a sheet which explains it to you. That is not PSCs fault but mine as it was included and I simply put it away too carefully.

The same paints etc used on this plastic model also can be used for the resin ones by Battlefront if you still have them in use.

I am not using any Airbrush Pistol so this is done with a normal medium sized "0" Brush (not 00 oder 000).

Colours I am using will be :
Gunmetal Grey (Vallejo)
Flat Brown (Vallejo)
Black (Vallejo)
US Field Drab (Vallejo)
Nuln Oil (GW Citadel)
Kaki (Vallejo)
Transparent red (Vallejo)

Battlefront and every other book or tutorial normally uses an undercoat and then afterwards a dark yellow. After quite a few tests and comparissons I finally switched to US Field Drap.

Step 1: Simply Basecoat your Tank with US Field Drap.

Step 2: Use Nuln Oil (feel free to use plenty) for wash. This also helps giving a more weathered impresssion on the tank itself

Step 3: Use a mixture between Kaki and US Field Drap for drybrushing (i used approx 50/50

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