Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012

Flames of War - Rangers Programm - Starts on 11th of October 2012 at Cork UCC

Hi all,

as part of the "Battlefront Rangers" Programm I am happy to announce that this will start on 11th of october 2012 at UCC College / Cork City / Co.Cork / Ireland.

Gaming starts at approx 7pm and goes on til 10pm.

This should give you the directions from Patrick Street to the security hut on College road next to the gaming room. If you get the Number 5 right outside the O2 shop on Patrick St then you can ask to be dropped at the College Road Entrance and then its a short walk to L1 and L2.

Anyone who is interested in learning and playing Flames of War is very welcome to join in. Sessions include  a brief overview of the game and a couple of small skirmishes including :

Infantry Aces
Tank Aces

Rules provided are:

Flames of War Version 3
Infantry Aces
Tank Aces
North Afrika (mid War)
Devils Charge 
Grey Wolf
Bloody Omaha
D-Day -1
Montys Meatgrinder

Would be delighted to see some of you there. 

Cheers !


  1. Hi,

    Very happy to find this post. At least I know there are some wargames being played in the South West. Unfortunately I won't be able to go down to Cork Thursday, but I would very much like to get in touch with some other players.

    I started playing 40k in Holland a couple of years ago, but so far I haven't been able to find any players near enough to where I live (West Kerry), so the only chance I get to play is when we go over to Holland. (Hauling back and forth my entire army...).

    To be honest I am getting a bit tired of 40k. All the rules changes, price hikes etc. etc. make the game less and less appealing to me. FOW has caught my attention for a while now and with it being far cheaper than 40k and as it is history based not suddenly making certain units obsolete and other, previously useless units, a lot better. Which means that you need to go and spend even more money... With FOW (as far as I can see so far) that won't be the case and I can spend as much as I can or like.

    Anyway, to make a long story a bit shorter.. I haven't started playing yet. But if there are other players in the South West of Ireland (I don't mind travelling down to Cork once every other month or so) I would be very interested in starting an army and learning to play.

    Can you please let me know what is going on in Cork. Reading this post it seems to me that there are a few players, even having a gaming room!

    All the best!


    1. Hi Edwin !
      Would be delighted to get to know you. Drop me a mail under:

      Hope to hear from you soon ! As I own two armies at present gaming wouldnt be a problem at all !