Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

Flames of War - This months tutorials are - Objectives

So guys .. what is your objectives was an article I read couple of times on WWPD. And yes the author is right about the fact that Flames of War lacks really much objectives. You will find plenty of terrain out there, but objectives is always a topic that does not get that much attention.

Instead of doing this that and so on during a month or on this blog I want to focus more on themes at least for the rest of the year and so this october will be a good start for Objectives and Markers to me. After building the first objective with the ruined house lately I guess this will be a good start.

You probably have seen quite some many high costs "Bail out" markers and so on.. but why not do them yourself ???

Lets see what this month will bring along.

Cheers and happy building

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