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Flames of War - (Tutorial) - Hedges made the easy way

Hi all...

the most simple stuff often is the best way to go. So this time it is up for some hedges. You probably need them anyway in your games so I will build here two parts.

One is for Flames of War or any other 15mm game. The second one is more for the 28mm games like GW, Bolt Action or Napoleonics, ACW, etc....

What do we need:

  • Pan Scourers
  • Wooden Ice Cream sticks/Tongue depressors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Spray primer (Dark Brown or Black)
  • Flock (Green or Brown depending on season being modeled)
  • PVA Glue (The white stuff woodworkers use)

Figure Scale Hedge Height Cut Size
15mm 10mm 10mm
28mm 20mm 40mm

Obviously the exact height depends on the height of hedge you want, the sizes given will produce hedges that will provide cover but can still be seen over.

The Build:

 Step 1: Cut stripes from the pan scourer. Depending to which scale you are heading for, please refer to the "Measurements".

Step 2: Once you have cut the hedge to height simply cut it to the length of the sticks you will be using for bases.

Step 3  (optional, only relevant for 28mm):  For figure scales above 15mm the thickness of the pan scourer isn’t enough for a realistic looking hedge.To solve this problem the piece of scourer we cut is folded over and glued together using your hot glue gun.This will simply adjust to your scale.

Step 4: Glue your hedge to your base. Best or easiest way for me here is a hot glue gun. If you are making a hedge with some sort of gate in between simply glue two smaller fitting hedge parts to it and leave the gap. Afterwards you can glue your gate in there. Same goes for some sort of stone wall , bushes or trees.

Step 5: Spraypainting or airbrushing this hedge will prove difficult. So please go outside and I would recommend a brown undercoat instead of a black one. Reason is as simple... I only have seen black hedge parts shimmering through if something was nearly burned to ashes.

Step 6: Paint your tounge depressor (or the base of your choice) and flock it.

Step 7: Give your hedge a goooooood coating of PVA and dip into flock or flock it by hand.

Happy gaming.

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