Montag, 8. April 2013

Flames of War - (Tutorial) - Sculpting Urban walls

Hi again,

finally more terrain pieces. After all the markers etc.. I guess it is time for more fun with always usable stuff.

Different cities have different timescales of architectual designs. So a "normal" or standardised wall doesnt make that much of a sense. This demands for some self made stuff again.

What to use:
- Foamcore (approx 2-3mm thick)
- Cardboard (approx 1mm thick)
- PVA Glue


 Walls all have different heights etc. So my personal measurement is going like this:
Surrounding walls 30mm heigh
Half heigh walls 15mm heigh (thats approx with a base of FoW the heigh there a standing guy still can shoot atop)


1) Start cutting as accurate as you can a piece of foamcore. It is really easy to cut, and even if it is not so accurate it doesn’t matter, because it is going to be covered totally.

2) Then use some cardboard. A good one, 1 mm thick. Overlay two cardboard pieces for the reliefs, and glue them together.

3) Then do the same again, and make a sandwich with the foamcore piece cut upfront. Since the two faces will never be seen together, it is not strictly necessary for them to be identical.

4) For the top, use three layers of cardboard.

5) And that’s it. You now have a piece worth for making a mold out of it:

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