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Flames of War - (Tutorial) - How to do smoke / flame markers

As a couple of you guys probably know I like the videos on youtube by Shawn Morris. That results in me at least understanding and being capable of redoing the stuff he does in his tutorials.

After my last game with Ed I figured out that I need more markers. Especially smoke and destroyed markers and then I recalled this fantastic video tutorial by Shawn.

It allows you to reproduce and produce your personal customized smoke and fire markers.

Just a short wrap up what you need and what is needed to be done:

Stuff needed

Foil Clump
a coing or something suitable as a base
PVA Glue

Step 1:
Cut some wire as you see fit. I first did one by approx 8 to 10 inches, but figured out that it would be way toooooooo large....

Step 2:
Bend your wire around and connect the loose two ends with each other. A bit of twisting should do the job here

Step 3:
Straighten the wire , hold the bended end in your hand and start twisting the connected parts around. You will get one wire out of this which is a bit more stable. Do NOT twist everything. At the end you should have the end there your fingers have been as some small sort of hangmanns end.

Step 4:
Bend over the "hangmans end" and superglue it to the coin or your base.

Step 5:
Bend your wire as desired. Shawn uses an "S"-Shape in his tutorial which worked out fine for me.

Step 6:
While the superglued part is still not that hard glue some clumb foilage around .

Step 7:
Use superglue on the wire and proceed going up with glueing clumb foilage. Bear in mind to press hard as your surface you are glueing to is not that much. Please also recall that smoke (except by an atomic nuke) curls up and that it gets smaller to the top

Step 8:
Mix down water and PVA Glue approx 50:50

Step 9:
As foilage will break of we need to harden it. Use an old brush and really soak the clumb foilage mix on your "marker" till the bone.

Step 10:
leave it to dry

Step 11:
Test your marker. It should be hard now and leaves a small sound if you use your finger nail against it. If that is not the case please repeat step 9 , 10 and 11

Step 12:
Prime it (I used black)

Step 13:
Drybrush it (Smoke will get different grey colours - start with the darkest and build up to the brightest part). If you have them like fire please bear in mind that the lower parts need some deepred, red, orange, yellow, white)

Step 14:
Varnish it matt and ready you are.

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