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Flames of War - Historical Scenario - Road to Smolensk (Beginners)

Historical Scenario - Road to Smolensk

This is a small beginners scenario based on a historical small battle. The original one was faught by the german 24th Inf. Division on their way from Minsk , crossing the Dnjepr to the russian city of Smolensk.


German Grenadier (FV)

  • Company HQ
  • 3 Grenadier Squads
Russian Strelkovy (CT)
  • Company HQ
  • Strelkovy Company 3 Platoons


You are on your way pushing the russians back to Moscow. After your mayor victory in Minsk it is now time to follow on. Your next objective is to secure your lines and build a stable front for supplies to cross the river Dnjepr. For this reason you have to press forward and capture the lone railway tracks on the road to Moscow. Seize the railway tracks and so prevent any russian counteroffensive or resupplies coming along this tracks.

The Germans are pressing forward. After the destruction of your army at Minsk you just come from your educational bases across russia. Your job is simple. Secure the railway tracks to secure resupply of other troop parts. Stop the german advance at any cost.

You can play this scenario on a small sized table likewise 90cm by 160cm. Right in the middle is a railway track (crossing the 90cm side). Both sides place two objective markers on the railway tracks for which they must at least hold one at the end of turn 8. Deployment is on the opposite sides of the tables with 15cm deployment field to the table edge. With this scenario you can learn movement of infantry troops.

Victory conditions:
One side always wins if the other one gets totally routed or flees from the battlefield.
Game ends after turn 8 there the victory points are counted.

Victory Points:
Each destroyed or fleeing stand of russians is worth 1 victory point to the germans
Each destroyed or fleeing stand of germans is worth 3 victory points to the russians
Each objective to be hold by the side owning it is worth 1 victory point at the end of the game
Each objective to be hold by the opposing side at turn 8 is worth 2 victory points to the opposing force player for each turn it is captured by the opposing force

Historical Outcome:
24th German Infantry Division mayor victory which forced the russians to fall back another 3km and to regroup there.

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