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Flames of War - Historical Scenario - Road to Smolensk - Chapter 2

Historical Scenario - Road to Smolensk - Chapter 2

This is a small beginners scenario based on a historical small battle. The original one was faught by the german 24th Inf. Division on their way from Minsk , crossing the Dnjepr to the russian city of Smolensk. Historically 24th ID captured the railway tracks as played out in Chapter 1. While pushing forward they needed to cross the 3 km wide gap to the next russian frontline. It is hot sommer and the troops need water supplies.


German Grenadier (FV)

  • Company HQ
  • 3 Grenadier Squads
  • 3 Grenadier Squads
  • 1 StuG III (Starters Box)
  • Prelimenary Artillery Bombardment (off Table)
Russian Strelkovy (CT)
  • Company HQ
  • Strelkovy Company 3 Platoons
  • Strelkovy Company 3 Platoons
  • 2 Mortar Platoons 82-BM41
  • MG Nest


After a short break it is advancing again ! Dont let the russians reassemble themselves or to take some breath. Capture the small village which is occupied by them to supply your own troops with fresh water.

The germans are coming again, but now we are prepared and have some mortars. Let them come and we will finish them off.

You can play this scenario on a small sized table likewise 120cm by 120cm. Centerpiece is a large forest covered hill which is not passable by the StuG. On the side to one flank is covered with an MG Nest. The town itself is fortified and all russian troops are entrenched. Place three small barns or similar buildings at the far edge of the table and entrech the russian force. German Player starts with prelimenary Artillery bombardment. If you want to put some flavour to this and scenario 1 please feel free to put the railway tracks from scenario 1 into the german deployment zone.

Victory conditions:
One side always wins if the other one gets totally routed or flees from the battlefield.
Germans win when holding the town for 1 full round. Holding includes the StuG being placed there and surviving one full round despite of being surrounded of russian troops.

Victory Points:
Each destroyed or fleeing stand of russians is worth 1 victory point to the germans
Each destroyed or fleeing stand of germans is worth 3 victory points to the russians
Destroyed MG Nest is worth 2 points
Destroyed StuG is worth 2 points

Historical Outcome:
24th German Infantry Division mayor victory. The StuG was the key to success driving down all mortar units and wreaking havoc amongst the russians who were quite afraid of the tank amongst them.

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