Donnerstag, 8. November 2012

Flames of War - Painting Guide - Soviet Army

As this month by vote is more for the painters I do not want to forget about my promise. For this I will install a series called "Painting Guide" which will cover the different Armies during WW2. 

As I am pleased with a level for gaming I wont go into too much depth here, but I still think it is a usable resource:

These references should get you started with your Strelkovy with the minimum of expense and fuss.  Pick up any of Battlefront’s Eastern Front army list books and you’ll find a quick guide to painting the uniform of a typical Mid-Late War Frontovik in a M.43 tunic (gymnastierka) and M.40 helmet. You’ll also get a quick glimpse of two variants of the so-called ‘amoeba pattern’ camouflage characteristically worn by your scouts and sappers. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to dig out a reference to painting cossack uniforms as well!

If you want to paint up your officers, comissars or have a stab at NKVD, take a look at the reproduction Soviet uniforms produced by TRIDENT MILITARY.  Tank crews, greatcoats, webbing and equipment are covered in a useful 115 page compilation pulled together by video gamer Dennis Schwarz.

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