Dienstag, 6. November 2012

Flames of War - (Tutorial) - Rebasing Pak40

Once upon a time you start with basing your first units and after some time you discover better and more realistic ways to base them. The upcoming Rangers event is a good excuse to put them onto my "to do" list for Flames of War.

What to take:

- Your base
- Superglue
- Filler
- realistic stuff from outside
- Colours

First of all get rid of everything that was on your base. In this case that was not that much of a problem as my first ever approach to basing them was simply glueing earth from the outside with PVA glue to the base and later on superglue the figures on the glued earth.

So easy step to get everything stripped is to put the stuff into water and wait till your PVA simply dissolves. You get all your models back without the need to scratch them down. If there are remaining pieces you can simply use a sharp knife and cut the stuff away.

I also had to clean the models as still some soil stuck to the base.

The rest is more a follow up of an older post:


Enjoy and happy cleaning / building

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