Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Flames of War - (Miniatures) - New guns for the masses

After my break for one week in Germany it is finally time to present my new ammo for my troops.

As this months topic is still about painting (yes I did not forget about that) it is time to do so on more figures instead of tanks and more theoretical painting topics.

What did I bring along ?

First of all we have the outstanding :

Tank Destroyer Security Section (2x M20 Utility Cars + Jeep) US3

Directly followed up by :

SS-Mortar Platoon (6 Mortars) [GE815]

And some new deployed Russians including:

85mm obr 1939 gun (late) [SU543]

Battalion HQ (SU700)

Company HQ (SU701)


 If you do not know how they look like see the already base glued miniatures here:



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