Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Flames of War - (Painting) - Russians and SS-Mortar Platoon (Part 1)

After yesterdays posting about my new guns it is time to come along with the painting stuff.

For that reason I took the
Russian Battalion HQ
Russian Company HQ
85mm obr 1939 gun (late)

as well as for the german side SS-Mortar Platoon

During the night everything dried and it is time to take some watered down Vallejo Kaki to give the russian guys some sort of basecoat with it. As Kaki will be the most common used paint here for the uniform this was the easiest way to achive.

The gun on the 85mm obr 1939 got a simple green by Citadel GW colors.

For the germans it is the simple grey of the uniform mixed a bit with a dark green. Both colours mixed and also watered down.

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