Montag, 19. November 2012

Flames of War - (Painting) - Russians and SS-Mortar Platoon (Part 2) achiving Game Standard

Finally the next step.

Everything dried over night and so it is time to go ahead and put along some washes on the miniatures and the gun.
Afterwards I let them dry a couple of hours and then go ahead with the same colours used in the first instance. This time I put some white into them and left out the water.
I then drybrush over the areas which are easy to access and leave the others as they are. This gives them some depth.

Last part is to use my favourite colour for flesh, paint the weapons with gunmetal grey and tadaaaaaa we are finished with the models on a gaming standard.

If you want them more to have a look at and not for playing.. or simply are as stubborn as I am .. then you should go ahead for some more details including the gear.

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