Montag, 12. November 2012

Flames of War - (Tutorial) - FlakNest aka "Bunkergate 7" (Part 2)

Again a multipart tutorial... that leaves me at least less pressure on writing. Really looking forward to the thursday gaming round and the rangers program.

Over night everything went dry and I added some "wood planks" for "security" and concealment reasons to the diorama. Still the scene seems quite peaceful.

As I do not want to build around like stairs leading up we will assume that accessing the top of this bunker/flaknest you will need to go from the inside. That also makes sense if it comes to protection of the soldiers there in wait.

As you might recall I painted and glued a plastic tank by PSC lately I still have some things left from that sprue which I will use up here. This also includes an opening for a tank vehicle. Perfect match here.

The second thing I will do today is to put in some filler. Reason is to give this bunker a more nature enclosed feeling instead of being an easy target from above.

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