Montag, 12. November 2012

Flames of War - (Tutorial) - FlakNest aka "Bunkergate 7" (Part 3)

Hi all !

We are nearing the end of this tutorial. After all glue and filler finally dried it is time for the basecoat. Please note that spray basecoat or primer doesnt work on styrodur. It will burn and dissolve it and so never ever get the idea on doing so... except you like some strange looking outcomings.

With that it is time for some acrylic black paint as a basecoat. Thank god, there was that special offer at our local "Arts and Hobby" shop with 3 colors for 10 Euros which actually is quite cheap. Considering that it is a colour by a company called "Winsor & Newton" and that you get 60ml per tube. Nice.

As you also could see I glued in some real stones so real paintbrushing also is excluded and also would not fill the glued upper parts of the FlaKNest/Bunker.

What you need to do here is just make a dipping with your brush. Means you take up the colour with it and then dip it on the places till everything is coloured. That takes a while but gives a good coverage and not some smears around.

Tomorrow we will be going to paint the rest and do some other works on that.

Happy building

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