Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Flames of War - (Tutorial) - Objective Marker - Silos (Part 1)

Hi all,

this months topic is nearing an end and so there is still some room left to fill in the objective gap....

After looking around I came across a website with some gaming action and found this picture:

Silos for grain or fuel... and defo the stuff I want to have on my gaming table instead of the all tooooooo know fuel dumps ....(like these):

So lets go to some action again and down to the supermarket. This Silo stuff needs something I have in mind and these are "Kinder surprise eggs"... why these ???

If you glue them together you will get quite an easy silo. The sticks will later on represent the pipes. Better to use straws, but these I do not have at home.

These two "gents" there will fit to a large base later on. Currently I have glued them to a 20mm*20mm "base". Reason is that normally fuel "dumps" also have some protective layer as not to contaminate the earth around.

Step two will see the priming and some extra decors I found on the net.

Happy building !

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