Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Flames of War - Painting Guide (Foreword)

Hi all,

as the voting result for October on what you want to see in November on this blog seems to be turning out to be Painting I want to give a short help on everyone not using Vallejo Colours or simply use some different acrylic paints for their models.

On a webpage I found a really great comparison chart on the different brands (e.g. GW Citadel old, GW Citadel new, Vallejo, P3, etc...) which should help you a bit on my painting style or the colours I am using.

I own two different brands at present:
GW Citadel old (and a few new ones)
but mostly Vallejo colours.

Why using Vallejo ?

GW seems a bit too expensive all the time with one pot around 2,50 Euro to 3,50 Euro. Vallejo is a bit cheaper on that with approx 2,00 to 2,50 Euro and I simply like the small pots. So dont be afraid if you are not into Vallejo... use the comparison chart for the upcoming sessions and substitute into colours you have at your place.

Happy painting (hei, thats somehow new after all those "Happy building").

And here we go with the link for the comparison table:

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