Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

Flames of War - (Tutorial) - Dug in Markers rural area (entrenched)

After reading a thread on the onthestep forum about the problems facing with Terrain and getting to it and compared to my experiences from my last session I figured out there is more than a need for Dug in Markers. You seem to need them anythere and anytime.

Problem solved....

Here we go:


- salt dough 
- partysticks
- knife

Step 1: Take your medium and small base and model around that salt dough to the high needed

Step 2: Add Partysticks to the sides facing your bases 

Step 3: decorate the outskirts (e.g. like small sandbags, other stuff

Step 4: slightly cover with extra wet salt dough your real parts (like the partysticks and decoration)

Step 5: let the stuff dry

Step 6: paint in the colours you like

Advanced (saves time and money):

Step 7: skip part 6 .....instead Glaze your finished product and wait till everything is dry

Step 8: If you are pleased with what you see build a container with lego bricks around it

Step 9: Place your Dug in Marker in the middle and leave a couple of mm space to each side

Step 10: Use liquid latex or double compound silicone to fill up the rest of the container

Step 11: let everything dry

Step 12:  get your original out of the mould

Step 13: use resin or similar stuff you are familiar with and cast as many of your dug in markers as required




  1. Hello Jo,

    Great post again! Thought I reply here instead of emailing, as other people might be interested in this as well:

    What type of resin do you use for your casting and where do you buy it (in Ireland)?

    Have a nice day!

  2. Its an Air Oxidising Resin (coloured) made by a german company. You will get similar products here in Ireland.