Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

Flames of War - Rangers Programm - First time on the field at UCC / Cork

We've just held Round 1 of our Flames of War introductory games round in regards to the Battlefront Rangers program at UCC College Cork, Co.Cork, Ireland.

With no known history of Flames of War events until now, I was very curious to see what kind of attendance I'd see. I knew there had been a couple of requests at our local "Other Realms" shop in Cork, but was very delighted to gain at least four brand new players.

This will have to go on. The seed is planted. Up next will be demo games at the "Other Realms" Store in Cork at a saturday or sunday. Lets see what this brings. Many thanks for all those playtesters and players (started out with being a one on one learning game and ended up 3 versus 3 !). Awesome !

Enclosed some pictures !

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