Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

Flames of War - (Tutorial) - Objective Marker , Shot down Messerschmitt Fighter (Part 2)

After opening the box I encountered the typical "Revell" easyness. If you have ever had a warship or something similar by them you know of what I am talking about.

The paperwork enclosed for safety support is easy and also each step is quite easy to follow up.

First I thought I would need a larger base than the normal one I am using, but after seeing how tiny the plane is I decided against that.

The set comes along with decals (very positive!) and a plastic stand in case you want to display or play with it (which wont be the case here for me, but I will buy a second one of these for my troops anyway).

As the plane will be crashed I did not take that much care while glueing and totally ignored the little bomb as well as the front wheels. These I will later on use as litter being around the crashed site.

Step 3 will cover the destruction of this model to get something new ...the marker from it.

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