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Flames of War - (Tutorial) - Complete Usage of Blister Boxes

As I am always trying to make out the most of stuff provided without spending that much money more I tried some more things with the blister boxes provided then you e.g. buy an infantry platoon.

Here the results:

First of all, some might recall my post about the cheapest objective marker ? If not :

Cheapest Objective Marker

So that was the background of the blister package.... lets go further on...

After buying some new flock the Table Project that started this month I was supposed to pay a heavy bill of 7.50 Euros for the pack... WOW !

That goes along cheaper:

Step 1:
Use your old foam pieces from your blister boxes that are supposed to protect your minis before you buy them and rip out small chunks of these.

Step 2:
Collect these chunks in a small box (I used the one provided by my preferred chinese restaurant).

Step 3:
Use your water or acrylic colours heavily watered down.

Step 4:
Mix the coloured water with the chunks in your small box .

Step 5:
Let it dry and you are finished with the coloured flock you want to have instead of buying it.

What is left of the box ??

The plastic thing, yes.

After crosschecking a few websites about bunker and pillbox measurements I figured out that you can simply cast from them a bunker.

The inlay already is the negative thing. Now take some e.g. Beermatts and secure them with kitchen foil and superglue from the inside. Wait a day and then use plaster or resin (whatever suits you more) and fill out the complete space. Wait a night for drying and you got your bunker ready (including your base !):

Cheers and happy building... Btw.. you just used up everything from the blister box :)))

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