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Flames of War - Resources - Setting up an Army (How does that work ?)

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after my first looks at the books and reading through all the articles at first I was always wondering how you might assemble your first army.... so if you are new to the game this may be helpful !

Opening a Intelligents book will easily see that each army is divided as in reality in different units, tanks (Tank Company), Infantry (Infantry Company), Motor (Mechanised Company) and others, and Support Division (Divisional Support) which can take all the points. There are also other units such as cavalry, reconnaissance, etc. Parachute
  Each section presents a battalion-level unit, which consists of the administrative platoon (headquarter platoon), the combat squads (combat platoons), the squads weapons (weapons platoons) and platoons support (support platoons).
  In all lists, there are some sections that contain the necessary information we need for our army.
1. Historical Data
  In this section you will find the history of the division in the war but also the actual composition .
2. Warriors
  In this section you will find some "heroes" where you can add to your army at a cost of some points. The "heroes" are usually teams that have better features (special rules) from the rest of your power.
There are three types of "Heroes" :
A. Items assume the position of your battalion commander ( HQ Company)
B. Elements assume command in a platoon ( Platoon) and
C. Data is independent teams acting alone in the battlefield.
3. Special rules
  Each division (the most known) in Flames of war has special rules that make it stand out a little from the rest, and the specific rules of the country where they belong. In essence it is an attempt to represent reality and what was the particular features of this that made her famous.
4. Company diagram
  The principle of unity of power, we will find a table with boxes (chart) on the available forces that we can get this army. This table has three columns, the first column shows the Combat platoons , the second the weapons platoons and on Tuesday the Support platoons .
In all lists in Flames of war, each company should be erected around the administrative data (company hq) and two forced combat platoons (have more intense color). From there the rest is optional and you can only choose one platoon from each box. On some boxes will observe that there are more options than one, at this point we have to choose only one, concerning platoon of the box says (tank, infantry, artillery, etc.

5. Platoons
  The platoon we propose the diagram we can find the same book on the next page where we refer. Here we can see the options and the special rules pertaining to that platoon.
Sometimes you have to be careful because there are some in the platoon supports gives us our list which are not in the same division, but in another. May have different ability (skill and motivation), this should report it to the platoon options like special rule.

  The company and platoons characterized by two key features capacity (motivation) and education (skill) details showing how good this unit, which you will find in the top of the list at the top of the page.
Τα Motivations  Reluctant, Confident, Fearless
Τα Skills  Conscript, Trained, Veteran

6. Arsenal
  The last section is a table that lists all the information on the factors of weapons available to the platoons. From small arms infantry to tanks and aviation. Shields, vehicle types or weapons, Rate of fire, anti-tank and more.

Order of Battle

  How to fill the sheet order of battle ? Mesa's website Flames of War or last page in the book of rules will find a table (order of battle). It is quite useful to fill such a table in every game because we can write almost everything about our company.

In the table there are 5 columns
One. platoons . platoon's name, singling out the HQ , the Combat , the Support platoons . You can also fill by how many sections or squads have taken and what weapons (if the options list).
2. Motivation
3. Experience (Skill test)
4. Command distance
5. Points

  Then fill the number of platoon (outside the company hq) and the total points of the company.
You should always be careful not to exceed the points you agree, otherwise if not you should tell your opponent to adjust his list.

In the last table should note the special rules that have the company and you're ready.

Heroes and Characters in Play

A very good feature of the game is that cleverly combines historical figures who emerged on the battlefield. Each character costs some points and you can embed on your list.
The "heroes" are usually teams that have better features (special rules) from the rest of your power.
There are three types of "Heroes" :
A. Items assume the position of your battalion commander ( HQ Company)
B. Elements assume command in a platoon ( Platoon)
C. Data is independent teams acting alone in the battlefield.

 Intelligent Books

Apart from books circulating through the website of Flames of war will find plenty Intelligent Books for various armies in pdf. Some of them are officially waiting for a supplement to the issue informally and who have written some players are commonly accepted. It is quite useful to subscribe users to the website of Flames of war to get access to the forum and also to monitor the developments of the game and the new lists come out.

At what point is he now?

Starting a few years ago with the first version of the rules, they released several lists for the first period of the war (1939 to 1941 or early war) where several lists were informal. Then after the first series Intelligent Books , came in the second period of the war (1942-43 or mid war) with the main intelligent books Ostfront for Eastern Front and Afrika for North Africa and Italy.
In 2006 published the second edition of the rules and issued shortly after the first intelligent book for the last period of the war (1944 to 1945 or late war) the Festung Europe, particularly in the period January-August 1944.
Since 2008 was an improvement in the appearance of the army lists in the books and starting, it turns out the new books and old replacements.
The next time I save some intelligent books that will complete the Late War (1944-45), is expected to turn his interest back to the early war in the summer of 2010 with an intelligent book that will be focusing on the invasion of France in 1940.
In 2010 took a conversion rules for the Vietnam War, but the project was limited to the representation of the movie Red Thin Line and will not go further in the words of the company.
Also in the near future (hopefully soon!) The Flames of war plans to deal with the Pacific theater or some other historical period.

What army should I choose?

In the period of the Second World War are the strong cards and weak.
  • The main reason the Germans are considered one of the best armies with good armor and infantry together almost the entire period of the war.
  • The Russians are the imposing opponent with hordes of soldiers and tanks.
  • The British with their unique style.
  • The Americans entered the war and later with their guns changed the flow of the war.
  • Other smaller armies like ..
  • The Italians
  • The Romanians
  • The Hungarians
  • New Zealanders
  • Australians
  • Canadians
  • The French
  • The Greeks
... And many others who played an important role, rather than the number of their forces!

Special Rules Summaries
 In these files you will find all the special rules and t the Arsenal (players weapons and vehicles) gathered for each country.

How many points ?

  The philosophy of the Flames of War is a Fast-Play or else a quick strategy game without difficult and incomprehensible rules. An ordinary match is a game with two armies of 1500 or 1750 points each takes about 5 to 10 squads (Platoon) . There is no restriction as long and the opponent has the same points, 2000 or 3000 depends on how large the army, and of course you have to find an opponent.
A new trend has appeared in Flames of war is the battle of 600 points, with fewer units and more like a quick game that is fun break.
The choice is yours!

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