Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

Flames of War - Table Project (Tutorial) - January Tile Part 1

Heya  again,

after describing what I did last time I finally have the opportunity to present the first results that are worth showing.

What happened:

- Tile (1 by 1 foot , or 30 by 30cm)
- Used watered down PVA glue and real sand
- rural road 5,5 cm wide made of above mentioned PVA and sand
- used a small stick on doing trail marks
- whole tile sprayed in green 2 times as wood soaks in colour
- watered down dark brown acrylic paint to soak again into the Sand, PVA construction
- Drybrushed with a 50-50 Mixture of dark brown and yellow
- highlighted with yellow

Rural road finished :) I am pleased:)

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