Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

Happy new year and happy building - Starting the january board piece

Hi all,

the new year has finally started. Everyone seems to be exited about 2013 and I personally hope that this year will be a better one than 2012 was. To be honest, its not that hard on it being better than 2012.....

As promised in one of my last posts I started with the january project already.

My local DIY store had really nice boards and so it was not a problem getting 30cm by 30cm woodboards for my modular table project.

As this was cut I started around with general measurements. That means I painted a half sized version of one piece on a sheet of paper and started filling it with live (trees, houses, hedgerows, etc). Then I compared it to my general plan and took care it fits. Just to make sure my calculations are correct, I set up a second 30 by 30 board (or in irish measurements approx 1 foot by 1 foot) and painted it fixing to the first. Amazing what you can do with a ruler.

The next thing I did was mixing a 50/50 mixture of PVA glue and water. After mixing the stuff I put in some sand which I collected from the beach and mixed the whole thing through. To get it a bit thinner I needed to add some more water to the whole mixture but that was not much of a problem.

With this mixture I started plastering something on the wood board that later on will be a small or narrow rural road (550mm wide). This measurement allows a medium sized Flames of War base to fill the street and not exceed its wideness.

Current status is that I let that whole piece dry for two days now and afterwards actually started basecoating the areas that later on might be grass or similar stuff. I know I need to do that twice at least.

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