Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Flames of War - Resources - Dont like plastic, but need a cheap metal alternative ?

Hi all,

last days have been awfully busy at my place and now it is finally time to roam a bit more through the webspace to find something useful for my primary hobby....

As I already cross checked on PSC (Plastic Soldier Company) releases in regards to Panther Tanks and Soviet Infantry in Summer Uniform I still felt a bit uncomfortable on what to do now. Reason is that the bases are now awfully to less of weight and that it is over all simple plastic. I personally prefer somewhat metal as a miniature. After surving through the web I stumbled upon this fine webstore with a nice range on miniatures 15mm ww2.... lets wait and see what the order brings in...

My list includes:

50 Miniatures in a pack :
Germans in Greycoats (YESSSS Finally we are going for winter)

13,50 british pound sterling (as a special they have 20% off for orders  before 27th of january)

Savings = 35 Miniatures (Platoon Size Battlefront Metal approx 17 Euros)

And as a test for my russians I took the smaller (get to know "Squad Packs" which includes 10 Minis):

Anti-Tank Rifles


Soviet Naval Infantry Section (look much better than the ones by BF)

82mm Mortar Teams (x2) (means two complete teams in the pack):

Maxim Gun Teams (x2)



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