Dienstag, 30. Juli 2013

There will be blood , fire , death - New upcoming stockist in CORK for FoW

Hi all,

after all these times I had a final meeting yesterday with the owner of the store called "Other Realms" down in Cork City. As he got enough questions about FoW by now I was asked to present some of my models and give a brief description of alternatives like PSC, Zveda etc... as well as a couple of hints on what to order for his first stock.

So the following will happen in a relative short period of time:

- Presentation of the game on a special designed table at the store on possibly like a saturday or sunday

- Presentation of finished models, armies at the stores special hall of fame board

- Demo games - the rebirth of the Cork Rangers !

If you want to have your FoW army ... try and go in and ask for what kinda army you are looking for !

Cheers !

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