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Operation Overlord - Battlereport - 101st Airborne (US) vs 17th SS-Panzergrenadierdivision "Götz von Berlichingen"

In regards to Operation Overlord the first Battlereport :

Alpha Company,  101st Airborne vs. 17th SS-Panzergrenadierdivision Götz von Berlichingen

United States 101st Airborne
A, 101 TO&E Points
HQ – CDR, 2IC, 2 Bazookas and a sniper 120
1st Platoon – 7 R/MG + Bazooka + 60mm mortar 265
2nd Platoon – 7 R/MG + Bazooka + 60mm mortar 265
3rd Platoon - 7R/MG + Bazooka + 60mm mortar 265
Airborne Divisional Recon Platoon – 4 .50 cal Recon Jeep 110
Para Field Artillery Battery – CDR + Staff + Observer + 4 75mm Guns 135
Airborne Anti-aircraft Platoon – CMD + 4 M2 .50cal AA gun 95
Airborne Engr Platoon – CMD + 4 Rifle + 2 LMG + 2 Baz + Supply 275
Glider Anti-Tank Platoon – CMD + 4 57mm Guns 85
Limited P-47 150
Total 1765

37. SS Panzergrenadier Regiment HQ : Hauptsturmführer Fick      Fearless / Trained  45 Points

I./37. SS Panzergrenadier Platoon Unterscharführer Diller                   Fearless / Trained 165 Points
       - 3 Squads Panzergrenadiers

II./37. SS Panzergrenadier Platoon Unterscharführer Brantsch            Fearless / Trained 165 Points
       - 3 Squads Panzergrenadiers

Weapons Platoon:

17. SS Panzerjägerabteilung Unterscharführer Krowzik                      Fearless / Trained  135 Points
      - 3 7.5cm PAK40

Divisional Support:

2. SS Panzerabteilung "Das Reich" Unterscharführer Aumeister           Fearless / Veteran 640 Points
      - 3 Panther A

17. SS Panzerabteilung Unterscharführer Langemann                          Fearless / Veteran 435 Points
      - 4 StuG IV

353. Infanteriedivision Rocket Launcher Battery                                 Confident / Trained 105 Points
     - 3 15cm NW41 Hauptmann Brennauer

17. SS Flackabteilung                                                                        Fearöess / Trained  75 Points
     - 1 8.8 FlaK 36

Total Points: 1765

Mission : Seize and Hold

From the notes of Unterscharführer Diller (17th SS-Panzergrenadierdivision "Götz von Berlichingen":

9th June ’44 –  At 0200 hrs We are mauled into our tanks and every vehicle that is available. Our mission is to engage the enemy of 101st airborn around Carentean. Supported by the remaining members of 6th Fallschirmjäger under General von der Heydte.

 0400 – Convoy is stopped near a hill and barn which is seems to be our objective. The trees around the boccage seem to be infected with US Sharpshooters which claim a couple of casualties on our side. We hide behind the boccage, unable to move forward. 

0430 – 8.8. Flak arrives and cheerfully engages the sharpshooters in the trees. After a short but bloody battle we finally charge with "hurraaaaaa" on top of the remaining survivors. During the fighting we surprise a platoon of US parachuters covering behind the boccage. In a full front assault we engage them in single handed combat. They root and the survivours surrender to us.

0500 – The next row of boccage is hold by a platoon of US parachuters again. From their fighting experience I guess them being trained recruits.They just are about to move their arti into cover as we charge them. Our Stuggs support this attack and the enemy falls back to the large farm on top of this bloody hill. Carentean is nearly in sight.

0515 – Someone must have had a radio up there, because with first daylight the US air suppport drops in and eleminates one of our three Panthers who just rolled up towards the hill.
0530 – Bloody fighting errupts as our Stuggs who try to encircle the farm meet a US recce plattoon. Leaving two Stuggs burning and the US boys on the run back home. We are sending one more Infantry plattoon to at least cover the last Stugg. The air smells of burned flesh. Meanwhile our 8.8. tries to get hold of the US Air Support.

0545 - I pushed my men forward up that hill in hope that the battle of the Stuggs against US recce as well as the flaming lights of the firing 8.8. holds of the US Air support. Second platoon also makes a deversive attack against one of the three buildings. Looks like being a main house, a barn and a second larger house. They encounter heavy fire from at least three MG being hidden within the buildings. A deadly crossfire. Our MG are answering the calls as are the guns of the Panther.

0600 – The 8.8 takes down one of the US Aircrafts which seemingly suicidically crashes down on the 8.8 killing everyone straight away. Poor souls. Our Panther approach is stopped by some more AT units located in well hidden positions on top of the hill. Our approach to the first house in cover of boccage was unnoticed. With a swift sweep we clean up the house and with one of the US heavy MGs we silence the AT station hidden near the barn.

0615 – Their engineers try to throw us out of our building but are stopped by swiftly called Nebelwerfer fire. Jesus.. what a slaugther. One of the Nebelwerfers also scores a direct hit to the second building which collapses burying half of the americans in it. The barn seems to be a red cross area. We leave them alone.

0630 – The US commander watched as his boys died bravely. We consolidated our positions around the hill and in the building we occupy. With his last surviving men he unconditionally surrenders, leaving us the field.

0700- We secure the place and await our new orders.

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