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Operation Overlord - Battlereport - 101st US Airborne vs 17th SS-Panzergrenadierdivsion "Götz von Berlichingen" - Carentan Farm Battle No 2 -

US Airborne: 1750 points  
HQ w/ 3 bazookas; 2 platoons airborne infantry w/ 2 squads each; MG platoon; Mortar platoon; AT platoon with 4 x 57mm; 4 x 75mm pack Howitzers; A platoon of 4 Shermans of 2nd Armoured Division.

37. SS Panzergrenadier Regiment HQ : Hauptsturmführer Fick      Fearless / Trained  45 Points

I./37. SS Panzergrenadier Platoon Unterscharführer Diller                   Fearless / Trained 165 Points
       - 3 Squads Panzergrenadiers

II./37. SS Panzergrenadier Platoon Unterscharführer Brantsch            Fearless / Trained 165 Points
       - 3 Squads Panzergrenadiers

Weapons Platoon:

17. SS Panzerjägerabteilung Unterscharführer Krowzik                      Fearless / Trained  135 Points
      - 3 7.5cm PAK40

Divisional Support:

2. SS Panzerabteilung "Das Reich" Unterscharführer Aumeister           Fearless / Veteran 640 Points
      - 3 Panther A

17. SS Panzerabteilung Unterscharführer Langemann                          Fearless / Veteran 435 Points
      - 4 StuG IV

353. Infanteriedivision Rocket Launcher Battery                                 Confident / Trained 105 Points
     - 3 15cm NW41 Hauptmann Brennauer

17. SS Flackabteilung                                                                        Fearöess / Trained  75 Points
     - 1 8.8 FlaK 36

Total Points: 1765

Mission : Seize and Hold

From the notes of Unterscharführer Diller (17th SS-Panzergrenadierdivision "Götz von Berlichingen":

9th June ’44 –  At 1200 hrs after taking this  awful Farm in the morning our next mission was to hold our position as the 6th Fallschirmjägerdivision engaged the US Parachuters in Carentan. The Farm itself was a mayor place for collecting prisoners of war as well as the mayor place to take care of the wounded. Red Cross Cars venture for and forth our position. Recce told us that a tank company outflanked Carentan and are approaching our positions. Everyone is in uproar evacuating the wounded. We are supposed to hold our position till everyone is well evacuated.

 1400 – We are finished with our defensive position. This includes mines and nasty surprises for the approaching tanks. The 8.8. is located in the ruins of the former outbuilding in the expected movement path of the enemy. Everyone is dig in and in cover. We also managed to soak a couple of hay stacks with gasoline which will give us extra cover. We need to seperate the infantry from the tanks first. After the tanks are blinded our hour will come along.

1430 – We entered the forefront entrenchments as we can already hear the approaching tanks. They drive slowly. From the distance we can see how inapt these recruits seem to be as they are still driving with opened tanks.

1445 - 8.8 Flak did a hell of a great job. One lucky shot downed the first tank in line of the small road which now blocks movement of all other tanks behind. No chance to go through the high bockage till this vehicle is moved from the street. I can not believe our luck here.

1500 - We open fire from our entrenched positions on the US infantry who try to bail the tank from the streets. They fall like flies. Boccage and entrenched positions secure our day.

1510 - The tank explodes in a huge ball of fire and steel and leaves a huge crater on the road. The US boys scramble for cover. The tanks start advancing on us again.

1530 - We set the hay stacks on fire and let them roll between the advancing tanks and infantry. Chaos seems to break out. 8.8 cant fire anylonger. We advance to knock out the tanks in the confusion. One of our squads is overrolled by the Shermans in the fog. The screams are horrible. 

1545 - I defeated a tank in single handed combat by jumping on its back and used a bundle of hand granates on its back. The thing blew up due to the burning oil afterwards. Our MGs meanwhile pin the Infantry down. Nebelwerfers start firing from behind the barn.

1600 - Devestation of the US starts when tank number 3 and 4 get each a direct hit by the Nebelwerfers.With "Hurrrraaaaa" we storm towards the remaining infantry. Their AT and Artillery did not do a shot by now in fear of hitting their own. Infantry cant stand our charge and starts abandoning their positions.

1615 - Their AT and Artillery stops our persuit. Stugg and Panthers crash forward to no avail. This barrage stops any movement forward.

1630 - The farm is still ours. Remaining infantry retreated and with it the AT and Artillery.


1700 - We are rallied now. Only my platoon is left and in the wake of the AT and Artillery barrage we also lost 2 Panthers and a Stugg. Hope we will get some reinforcements soon.

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