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Operation Overlord - Battlereport - 17th SS-Panzergrenadierdivision "Götz von Berlichingen" vs US Armoured Infantry St Lo Farms

This battlereport uses the starter box of Flames of War !

Elements of 17th SS-Panzergrenadierdivision "Götz von Berlichingen"
  • HQ upgraded to PanzerKnacker + PanzerShrek Team + 2 x 8cm G42 stummelwerfer mortars
  • (Grenadier platoon (3 squads) + Command SMG Panzerknacker) x 2
  • StuG G platoon of 3 assault guns

US Armoured Infantry

  • HQ, with towed gun
  • Two full Combat platoons
  • a platoon of 3 GMC halftracks fitted with a 75mm gun
  • a platoon of 4 Stuart light tanks
 Scenario: Breakthrough

From the diary of Unterscharführer Diller:

0900 hrs - The US boys wanted to suprise us this morning with a swing of Stuarts round the woods to their left trying to out flank my grenadiers on the right. The Us combat platoon opened up on my concealed troops and after a hail of lead, killed one team. They then failed to range in his 75mm Artillery.

0930 hrs - I decided to keep my grenadiers heads down, hoping they would stay alive longer doing so rather than firing back. My StuGs however fired on the combat platoon as one of its halftracks was clearly visible on the road. The halftrack exploded in a ball of flame. Our platoon also managed to call in an artillery strike from our command HQ to pin down their advance. And yes this works

1000 hrs - After our artillery strike the US combat platoon decided to mount up on their halftracks and try to drive through the woods. The Stuarts continued their end around run, getting right on the flank of the grenadiers this time.The air filled with machine gun fire from the Stuarts but amazingly the grenadiers all survived in their foxholes. This time the 75mm artillery did range in but failed to kill any troops but did pin down the platoon.

1030 hrs - I looked hungrily at the Stuarts, down the barrels of our StuG platoon and measuring the range, we needed to move slightly to get all tanks in firing position, (hull mounted main gun) . We also realised we needed something else over that side of the battlefield and advanced our Panzershrek toward to the right flank. Luck was not with us then the StuG opened fire at the Stuarts and simply missed every shot. In frustration our grenadier platoon on the left fired a couple of teams at the unmounted remains of the combat platoon but the firing pinged off the stone wall they were sheltering behind.

1100 hrs - The US boys get reinforcements on the battlefield. Stuarts raced past the grenadiers in their foxholes heading towards what seemed their daily objectives to our right. The mounted combat platoon edged into the woods, with the last half track bogging down in the difficult terrain. I could see from my foxhole what the US boys were trying to do; get my StuGs to turn to fire one way and present their weaker sides to his other troops. But there was not much we could do about it as my only platoon doing anything was my StuGs... all the others were cowering in their foxholes. In true John Wayne fashion the American reserve combat platoon roared onto the field of battle and took their objective on the hill to our right flank.
The Stuarts had seen the Panzershrek team scampering about earlier, and let rip with their machine guns on my command HQ. The only team that failed his infantry save was the Panzershrek team! Bloody typical!

1130 hrs - Time was pressing also... I thought about using my grenadier platoon on my right flank to close assault the Stuarts from the behind, with my trusty panzerknacker, but they failed to unpin from the previous turns 75mm arty fire. The American combat platoon in the woods was going to take forever to emerge, so I pondered moving my grenadiers from the left over to assault the Stuarts from the front but that I was sure would have been suicide, so they put the kettle on and dug out the frankfurters and mustard instead.

It all came down this turn, to my StuGs. Could they redeem themselves from the previous turns complete miss (Ostfront veterans my foot!) Again hull mounted main guns meant they had to turn to engage the 2nd American combat platoon on the hill objective, reducing their firing. Checking the hill , 3 half tracks brew up nicely!Yeahhh our StuGs simply are the best !
With this outstanding assault the US boys broke and started running.

1200 hrs - The Stuarts start racing for the hill to help their fleeing comrades. This looks ridicolous.

1230 hrs - With their flank wide open our StuGs make it a short exchange of fire. After getting this nice side armour presented by the Stuarts 3 hits score 3 Stuarts down and the US boys retreating. The day is ours again !

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