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Operation Overlord - Battlereport - 101st US Airborne vs 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division "Götz von Berlichingen" - Battle 3

US Airborne: 1750 points  
HQ w/ 3 bazookas; 2 platoons airborne infantry w/ 2 squads each; MG platoon; Mortar platoon; AT platoon with 4 x 57mm; 4 x 75mm pack Howitzers; A platoon of 4 Shermans of 2nd Armoured Division.

37. SS Panzergrenadier Regiment HQ : Hauptsturmführer Fick      Fearless / Trained  45 Points

I./37. SS Panzergrenadier Platoon Unterscharführer Diller                   Fearless / Trained 165 Points
       - 3 Squads Panzergrenadiers

II./37. SS Panzergrenadier Platoon Unterscharführer Brantsch            Fearless / Trained 165 Points
       - 3 Squads Panzergrenadiers

Weapons Platoon:

17. SS Panzerjägerabteilung Unterscharführer Krowzik                      Fearless / Trained  135 Points
      - 3 7.5cm PAK40

Divisional Support:

2. SS Panzerabteilung "Das Reich" Unterscharführer Aumeister           Fearless / Veteran 640 Points
      - 3 Panther A

17. SS Panzerabteilung Unterscharführer Langemann                          Fearless / Veteran 435 Points
      - 4 StuG IV

353. Infanteriedivision Rocket Launcher Battery                                 Confident / Trained 105 Points
     - 3 15cm NW41 Hauptmann Brennauer

17. SS Flackabteilung                                                                        Fearöess / Trained  75 Points
     - 1 8.8 FlaK 36

Total Points: 1765

From the notes of Unterscharführer Diller (17th SS-Panzergrenadierdivision "Götz von Berlichingen"):

10th June ’44 –  At 1000 hrs we deployed at Carentan City. Still outskirts. The City itself looks heavily bombed and we hear fighting all over the place. Attached to our flanks are the elements of the 6th Fallschirmjäger Division. We know what to expect. 101st US Airborne is located somethere nearby and this seems to get a nasty city fight. We are supposed to advance into the city and take three mayor objectives.
The 8.8 is in a good entreched cover of the city entrance. This will block the whole street that is upfront of us. Half of our attack platoons are located in the houses nearby. Our Panthers cover our left flank while the Stuggs are on our right. Nebelwerfer are deployed behind us and will move on after their first salve.

1100 -  The first signs of panic appeard at the US boys, including  front rank nurses. The Amercians expected us from the south, but we came from the west. From there, the US gun positions came under machine gun fire. When attempting to gain altitude again, they had the first losses.

1130 - A column of tanks and armored vehicles from Carentan approached our gun positions. They come under heavy fire by our 8.8., NW41 and the Panthers located there.

1200 - Through targeted, rapid fire shooting the 8.8 respectively takes out the first and the last tank. One of our Panthers gets a direct hit by enemy AT guns. The battle gets bloody. Meanwhile we storm an outer barn and secure one of our objectives. During this operation the 2nd Platoon Leader and half of his Platoon gets killed in the single handed combat.

1230 - The cloudy morning came just at the time to prevent any enemy aircraft for attacking us. The last remaining American tank fires deliberately takes down our 8.8. Nearly at the same time he gets hit by our Pak Team and explodes in a ball of flame. The enemy AT guns seem to be retreating.

1300 - What a hunt.. my platoon managed to come around the American AT platoon with their 4 x 57mm. Caught within our crossfire (Stuggs and Panthers on one side with us being on the other side) they are trapped. It is a matter of a couple of seconds to take them all down.

1330 - A lucky shot of our Nebelwerfers enable us to push forward. 2nd Platoon covers my Platoon as we wipe out the Americans at the center point of the city which marks the second objective.

1400 - The Americans try to push us off with a counter attack. Our Stuggs rush to our aid and the counterattack falters.

1430 - Stuggs rush forward under the cover of the remaining Panthers. The Americans turn and run.

1500 - we reach our third objective and secure it without any more enemy encounters. This is ours !

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