Dienstag, 6. August 2013

Operation Overlord - Axis Victory

From the files of WWPD:

World history has been changed forever at the end of WWPD's Operation Overlord! The Axis have secured a victory in Normandy and all of France. The Allies thwarted at the final hurdle, Cherbourg and St-Lo proved just too much for the Allied forces. Now, low on supplies and heavily crippled, the Allied forces are being driven back to the sea in scenes seen only years before at Dunkirk.

The Allies had made good ground throughout the countryside, controlling a large potion of Normandy, including the towns of St-Lo and Cherbourg.  Unfortunately, these vital supply routes were denied to the Allies.  Each area was heavily fortified by experienced German troops used to fighting in urban environments at Stalingrad - they proved too much for the already battered and bloodied Allies.

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