Freitag, 16. August 2013

Flames of War - Tutorial - How to build a barn

After reading through I thought it is time to build a bit more terrain. Also the guys inspired me heavily on building some new stuff.

As to figure out measurements etc... I will give you some hints here on what I used on mine.

Things used:

thin cardboard
Coffee sticks
Small metal pin (old needle cut down)
Beer matt
PVA Glue


Front side heigth 35mm, wide 75mm
Back side heigth 40mm , wide 75mm
Both sides approx size of a medium FoW base with heigth going from 35 up to 40mm

Step 1: Cut your pieces out of the foamboard

Step 2: Cut the two doors out of the beer matt and glue them to the smaller front side and scratch in the panels, also glue smaller crap pieces as handle and for the bars

Step 3: Use filler on each wall section so that you will have approx 3mm thick walls (that also matches the beer matt part then and the total thickness includes the foamboard)

Step 4: Stick the metal pin as a bar above the larger door.

Step 5: Put sand on each of your filler filled wall parts and gently press it into the filler. This gives texture for painting and an old worn feeling to the building.

Step 6: Let the parts dry

Step 7: Meanwhile cut your card board a bit larger then the overall building will be. Start glueing your coffee sticks on it (I did cut them before and broke them off, you could also wait and cut them afterwards)

Step 8: After everything is dry basecoat your wall sections as well as the roof part. If you are sure that you sealed your foamboard with the filler you can use a normal spray primer on that. If you are unsure just be on the safe side and prime it with a colour and a brush.

Step 9: After the primer dried the sand should stick in place as you first pressed it into the hardening filler and then sealed it in with the primer. Yeah !

Step 10: Paint as desired.

Step 11: Highlight as desired

Step 12: After drying .. enjoy the result

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