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Flames of War - Painting - Normandy houses

Hi all again,

after getting my latest shipment of houses for Normandy I finally had the time on painting them.

The cast was made of resin which is durable and takes paint easily....

So thats the job:

Paints used:
Primer - unknown company from my local DIY  - white (I love priming white instead of black, the reason simply is that black really kills down most of the details if you are, like me, painting in some sort of twilight area. White is the better choice for me)

Citadel Games Workshop - Mechrite Red (Mephiston Red)
Citadel Games Workshop - Chaos Black (Abaddon Black)
Citadel Games Workshop - Macharius Solar Orange (Jokaero Orange)
Citadel Games Workshop - Codex Grey (Dawnstone)
Citadel Games Workshop - Skull White (White Scar)
Citadel Games Workshop - Tausept Ochre (Balor Brown)
no name Black Ink

Starting with the roof:
Mixed down Chaos Black with simple water to 75%-25% and gave the white primed rooftiles a good "wash" of that mix. The side tiles got a 50%-50% mix of Chaos Black with Mechrite Red.

Starting with the house tile:
Took the whole house with the 50-50 mix of Chaos Black with Mechrite Red.

Waiting to dry

Continuing the roof:
Fixed all roof tiles which declined taking on the Chaos Black - water mix from the first time. Fixing with simple black ink.
Side parts got a drybrusch with normal Mechrite Red

Continuing the house:
All parts taking a drybrush with Mechrite Red

Waiting to dry

Continuing the roof part 2:
Light drybrush of the red parts with Macharius Solar Orange.
Filling the windows with black ink

Continuing the house part 2:
Light drybrush with Macharius Solar Orange. The connecting parts painted with Codex Grey
Doorframe and widow shutters painted with Tausept Ochre.
Filling the windows with black ink

Continuing the roof part 3:
After the ink dryed the window frames got two layers of Skull white to get a clear white shining finish. Roof afterwards finished

Continuing the house part 3:
Highlight of the Doorframes and window shutters with a 50-50 mix of Skull white with Tausept Ochre.
Window Frames got two layers of Skull white (see roof part 3)
The connecting parts got a highlight with 50-50 mix Skull white and Codex grey.

Enjoy the result:

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