Sonntag, 10. März 2013

Flames of War - Tutorial - Buildings from cork tiles

Hi all,

this was a rough learning point for me as I never ever did something like that before. At current state I am learning a bit on how to do my own buildings...

First results here.

Things I used:

- floortiles made of cork
- sealing material for cork
- sharp knife
- my own castings of doors and windows

Step by Step

1) Figure out what exactly you are heading for. It is always good to draw a plan and to get a measurement here upfront. I always tried to build something that either went terribly wrong because of the sizing or because I did not draw accurate.

2) Transfer whatever your drawing looks like to your cork floortile. Bear in mind of not wasting too much of it by leaving to much space.

3) Use a really sharp hobbyknife (no scissors) to cut out your exact plan.

4) cut out your window and doorframe.

5) Insert the castings with superglue

6) fill up any gaps

7) use the sealing material for cork

8) glue the pieces to a glass board

9) use liquid latex for making your moulds

10) replicate your building as often as you need it

Measurements I find fitting:

The worst part of all this constructional thing is always the question :
What measurements are appropiate ?

I found out for me that approx these should be fine for building:

15mm buildings:

Simple peasant house:
80mm by 65mm and 30mm heigh per story

140mm by 75mm and 40mm heigh per story

28mm buildings:
110mm by 140mm and 45mm heigh per story


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  1. I've tried my hand at a few cork buildings but I'm unimpressed. I'm finding that anything you can make with cork can be improved on by making it with foamcore.