Sonntag, 31. März 2013

Flames of War - (Tutorial) - Building Bockage the easy way

Happy Easter to all of you !

I enjoyed a nice and easy day at Garretstown Beach today with Wargaming in mind.

Small stones for no money
Sand for no money

What else you need ? Similar "products" lets you pay a whole sum for buying. Now I enjoyed the sun , had a lovely day outside... took my dogs out for a walk and got cheap materials in extraordinary amounts... yeah.. thats the way it should go...

So Bockage it is tonite.

Take a Tonguestick , stones and simple filler....

1) Use filler to build up a larger part of a hill
2) cover the stuff with your small stone
3) carefully press a bit here and there
4) extract your stuff again
5) do some finetuning adjustments to get the correct high and leave to dry
6) Paint
7) Glue some flock on it

Enjoy :)

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