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Flames of War - Resources / Painting Guides - Differences in German Uniforms in colours

Hi all,

after all some research on different pages and other literature I finally can come around with a couple of colour schemes for painting different german uniforms:

Here we go:

German Army WWII

All colours used are from the Vallejo Model Colour range. Of course you will find differences in the internet everythere becaus everyone seems to be slightly using a different colour scheme but that is ok. Why you may ask yourself ?
Well, the german campaign dresses throughout the war changed quite often and also differed from manufacturer to manufacturer. At the end of the war you will find that german uniforms often let them look like like gipsies as they used all types of different uniform patterns that still were available.

Item Colour
Uniform German Fieldgrey WWII (70830)
Helmet¹ German Grey (70995)
Bread Bag, Shovel Cover, Gaiters German Camo Beige (70821)
Gas Mask Case, Helmet German Camo Dark Green (70979)
Webbing, Water Bottle Cap Black (70950)
Boots, Helmet Strap Leather Brown (70871)
Water Bottle Cover Flat Brown (70984)
Wood Cavalry Brown (70982)     

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