Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

Flames of War - Miniatures - What to do with your spare parts again ?

Heia !

Perhaps you recall the Comrade to comrade post on the Stalin Figure Objective Marker quite a while back. I still found more and more of my blister miniatures being around and not based. I still could not make out what to do with them as all bases are currently settled and filled with whatever miniature fixed to it..... and I really hate to build up a bits box.

While surfing the internet I found out about "Bolt Action" skirmish WW2 rules, browsed a few websites and found a couple of adjustments to fit sizing from 28mm to 15mm... and yeahh my spare minis got a new job.... The real investment here for me was the two cent piece which I will use as a base for them .

Rulebook is not that expensive and as Bolt Action is more a skirmish game with small units my investment here will be the rulebook only. Miniatures I already have !

Cheers for all the guys making 15mm WW2 wargaming that fantastic interesting !

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