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Flames of War - Painting - Basing Gebirgsjaeger Platoon

After all these tutorials on more or less huge things it is time to go back a bit to basics. As with

Gebirgsjäger Platoon (with Company HQ) (GE832)

 I tried a bit to adapt terrain style with basing. First of all three things upfront:

a) This one was the Platoon with the worst cast I ever got from a battlefront blister including 2 miniatures that already broke of the stand
b) details are missing on the face etc.. which normally would be typical for battlefront
c) and that is the only plus in my opnion is the old usage of bases. I really do not like the new ones with the holes included as I want to base my minis the way I want and not am limited to the space provided.

So what does it take ?
- Sand
- Small stones from the garden space
- partysticks
- small branch of a tree from my garden space
- superglue
- PVA glue

Step one:

Arrange the things you like first on the empty base. I did a couple with stones upstanding, one with a tree going up and resting against a stone, one was a fallen treelog (large) and then two with fences (one still standing, the other one broken) and finally one with a log resting place for your ofen at home...

For the log place:

take your party sticks and cut of small pieces (please take care to at least try to get them nearly same sized). Glue the ground layer to the base with superglue. Plase two upstanding larger pieces (approx breast high of a miniature) on one side. Superglue other logs on top the first row always missing out the last at the end. Thats it.

For the Fence:

Cut one or two upstanding larger pieces. One if you intend it to be a broken one, two if there is need for one still standing. Take a good measurement on the things in between if you have two. Wait till dryed. Now superglue longer pieces (for the broken one I simply layed down one longer piece and glued the other approx to 45 degrees to the top one leaving some space to the top and adjusted the broken end to the lower part on the ground). If you have a standing one simply superglue two same sized longer stick parts to one side upstanding two logs.

For the fallen tree:

The fallen tree is a larger piece of wood. Simply superglued to the base

For the stones:

Please see what fits from your garden space. If you want to adjust a tree part to it as I did then simply take a small branch from a tree from your garden space.

Step two:

Superglue your painted miniatures to the base.... YEAH ! Let them blend into the terrain you built up earlier.

Step three:

Use some PVA Glue and cover your base with it including the small bases of the miniatures. Afterwards use the sand and put it gently over the glue and wait to dry.

Step four:

Paint as desired...and that does include the fences , stones etc... as well as the sand of course. If you feel unconfortable here just upfront make a 50-50 mix of PVA glue and water and soak the whole base with that. So everything really sticks heavily into place. Now paint.

Step five:

If you still feel crappy and something is missing, use flock or static grass to adjust the design of the base. In this case use PVA glue again and glue to the base whatever your heart and love to the minis and their base tells you.


Happy building !

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