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Flames of War - Historical Scenario - Prelude to "Operation Weseruebung" Early War 1940 - 170th German Infantry Division

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as we will focus on scenarios regarding "Operation Weseruebung" and follow up on the 170th German Infantry Division we will start a bit with a historical researched prelude on its contents :

170th Infantry Division

Military District X, Hamburg-Wandsbek in 1944 Rendsburg
Up: 01.12.1939 in Munster camp, Military District X, a division of 7.Welle replacement units with the Military District:
Infantry. 391 I-III. from rod / 225 Infantry Regiment Hamburg, I. Hamburg-Harburg, Lubeck II, III. Neumünster Infantry Regiment 399 I.-III. from rod / Infantry Regiment 22 Delmenhorst, Delmenhorst I., Oldenbwg II, III. Lueneburg light artillery battalion 240th
In January, the Division was the field replacement battalions 28 (Breslau) and 30 (Lübeck) and assigned to the Division by a full division (the 9th Battalion was missing) set:
Infantry Regiment 391 I. - III I./391, llI.391 and February 28
Infantry Regiment 399 I. - III. unchanged
Infantry Regiment 401 I. - Il. III./391 and from February 30
Artillery Regiment. 240 l - III. from Il. / Landw. Artillery Regiment. 311, Il. from light artillery division. 753 and IIL of light artillery division 240, units of the 240th Division
On 20.10.1940 was the divisional headquarters / Infantry Regiment 401, and Ill/.391 III./399 to
Statement of the 340th Infantry Regiment 695 Infantry Division (14th wave) from, as staff and 2 Battery / 240 Artillery Regiment, they were rebuilt as well 2I.l0.1940 on the missing III/401.
The artillery regiment was on the 11.12.l94O IV (severe) department. from the heavy artillery battalion 757th
On 28.02.1943 the III./401 was disbanded (deleted in the FpÜ until 08.12.1943), 1944
Also II./391 and III./399 (deleted in the first FpÜ Nov. 1944) and renamed in III./391 II./391;
on 03.02.1944 was the 9th and I 0 Luftwaffe Field Division have been incorporated.
The division thus consisted of divisions as new Article 44:
Grenadier Regiment 391 I, Il.
Grenadier Regiment I. 399, II
Grenadier Regiment 401 I, Il.
Division Fusilier Battalion 170 (from 240)
Artillery Regiment 240 I.-IV.

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