Sonntag, 30. September 2012

Flames of War (Tutorial) - Selfmade Dug In Markers

Hi all,
finally weekend again and time to prepare some more stuff for my hobby.

A while back I posted a picture about latex and latex forms. Possibly you have been wondering what it is.

What did I need (materials):

- German sharp shooter Major Koenig pack by Battlefront Miniatures (especially the broken walls sections)
- Clay
- Flock / Static Grass
- Medium size base (selfmade)
- Liquid Latex
- Resin
- Lego bricks

Step one:
Take the base and around it model with the clay something that looks like a widespread "U".

Step two:
use the broken walls sections from the pack and stick them into the clay

Step three:
take one or more different armoured cars with the metal parts and gently push them into the clay and extract them again (gives some nice texture)

Step four:
Wait till the clay hardens

Step five:
Build a small container with lego bricks around your marker

Step six:
Pour liquid latex over it so that it is covered

Step seven:
Take your time. The liquid latex as thick as it is now takes ages to dry and no it doesnt get faster in the oven....

Step eight:
Extract your original marker from the latex, break it to get back your original battlefront parts

Step nine:
Use resin or plaster to get as many markers you need.

Step ten:
Basecoat, paint and flock them... est voila... enjoy.

PS: If you need some of these.. let me know and I will be happy to deal along with you. Possibly will put them on ebay as well

The pictures:

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