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Flames of War (Tutorial) : Building Objectives Part I - Ruined House Corner - Part 3 (Final)

Now welcome to the final post here for my first objective for Flames of War. Overall I would rank it as easy to do.

The first two parts are here:
Flames of War (Tutorial) : Building Objectives Part I - Ruined House Corner
Flames of War (Tutorial) : Building Objectives Part I - Ruined House Corner - Part 2

What is it today? In the last post regarding this objective I was still figuring out how to paint it correctly. As I did really never ever before paint a house or something similar properly I was eager how it worked out.

First of all make sure what sort of final colour your house should have. A simple grey was not enougth for me and so I thought about having it a bit more with a brown flushing. So colours used for basecoat is :
Citadel Calthan Brown
Citadel Undercoat Black
and a Cold Grey by an unknown german company (feel free to substitute here). It is approx 50% Grey, 25 % Black and 25% Brown

Looks quite a bit messy.. it still looks grey but as you might can see also has a mixture between a brownish and greenish undertone.

Next I raised the brown element in the above mentioned mixture by 20% and did another drybrush with it.

Up next is adding some more bright colours to the whole building as it would be too dark in my opinion. I did choose to make a light drybrush with Vallejo US Field Drap (873).

This still looks dark and not real to me... get some white for the whole mixture that was left from the first two fillings.

The last mixture looks like this. Brownish creamy... (and not I wont eat that now).
Drybrush it on the whole model and set highlights with white... and the result is quite pleasing to me.
I will leave the middle of the base open to place e.g. a medium base in it. You can also work it up with more rubble, oil tanks or whatever you desire.

Hope you enjoyed the three steps trip. Comments are hightly appreciated.

The final result:

And now its time for a cigarette well deserved.

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