Sonntag, 23. September 2012

Flames of War (Tutorial) : Building Objectives Part I - Ruined House Corner - Part 2

After the first draft and workout on the ruined house corner it is time to go ahead.

At this point of time the lego bricks proved to be a fatal mistake. They partly get out easy  and others are simply stuck. So the choice is to either keep it as it is and work with the bricks or to get them out at any cost....

The decision is easy.. get them out at any cost. The wall gets a bit broken by that and the whole process takes up piles of rubble. And no.. not everything is lost.

Lets see what we can do around here. After extracting the lego bricks I get fairly an amount of rubble. Thats usable.

I also get parts of the wall out in one piece.... thats also usable. So just take a beermatt again and it is time for our superglue. The walls are aranged and the rubble simply put in the remaining spaces to fill up gaps. As I normally do a large base there remains enougth space for a small or medium base.

Get it a basecoat and thats the result. Next step will be painting this stuff. After reconsidering the efforts here this still is easy to do and doesnt cost a fortune:

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