Freitag, 21. September 2012

Flames of War (Tutorial) : Building Objectives Part I - Ruined House Corner

Friday... finally working week is over and it is time for some more wargaming action.

I decided to fokus on my first objective marker and it turned out being a ruined house wall.

For this purpose I searched through the internet and stumbled upon some building instructions which I tested here.


Used stuff:
- old plastic card (in this case Iphone stuff and cards coated with plastics)
- lego bricks
- Plaster

As described in the tutorial I took along the plastic cards and my own house measurements (1st story is 3cm high). Glued the stuff to the mayor plastic card in the correct high and also glued the lego bricks in place for the window frames. This first step as I did it was probably the most hardest to do.

Key learning here: Next time use your plastic cardboard for this

Afterwards I had a small box with legos... The idea behind this wall is quite simple:
a) you really get a great straight wallexterior and
b) you only glue on your mayor plastic board the things that are useful. This could also be wire for brick works etc.

Key learning here: dont close your mouldbox before glueing the parts

Then I took the plaster and slowly filled it in . Being careful on not to make a too thick wall section I measured approx half to three quarters of the lego brick being useful for my purpose...

Drying time is over night (and that is way too long).

Then it is time to open your box. That works easy as plaster doesnt stick that much to plastic... remove the lego bricks (simply by pressing) is easy as well...

As I did a whole wall section I now can easily cut the stuff into a fitting size and have two wall pieces... some small break sections and the ruin is finished.

Easy stuff...

Rating here:
Invest: Nearly none existant. The plaster useage was three parts plaster and two parts water...1Kg Plaster is 3,99Euro so three small spoons is really not much. The rest was done using waste from the kitchen or from my wallet

Difficulty: I did setup the stuff more difficult for me then it should be. Regarding that with the key learnings this was very easy


  1. I'm quite curious to see the finished product. Any pictures?

    1. Done... will update this here when I start glueing and painting it. Hope you will enjoy. This was easy stuff !