Samstag, 30. November 2013

Flames of War - Tutorial - Fences (the not so tricky ones)

After the tricky fences we also can work out the better concealing ones.... takes also less then 5 minutes.
For this purpose I took the same stuff for cleaning ears.. but you can also use the toothpicks if you bought them for the other projects

So here we go...

What do we need ..


Tongue depressor
Toothpicks (Partysticks) / or earcleaners

Step 1:
No coffee today.... take a look at the gathered materials

Step 2:
Superglue the lowest "log"row directly on the tongue depressor.

Step 3:
Use the lowest row as hold for glueing one (NOT BOTH!) side of the  upright standing logs of your fence. Place as many as desired....

Step 4:
Build up one to two more log rows like Step 2.. but simply superglue them to the pins as well as to the row below.

Superglue the other upright standing parts of your fence

Step 6:
Superglue the last row... paint and flock as desired... enjoy your result

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