Dienstag, 26. November 2013

Flames of War - Tutorial - Building Wood Trees the njami way

Still cheaper then the last one but takes more time is this variation. Suits perfect for more mediterrain environments etc.. is also quite easy scaleable up to 28mm. The earstick variation is a bit ... well lets say limited... :)

What you need:

- Grapes (red or green one ... doesnt matter) from the supermarket
- Base
- Superglue
- Flock
- Miliput or other putty

Step 1:
After buying the grapes.. enjoy them (NJAMI) but dont throw away the part they grow on.. thats the thing we need. Let it dry out for a week and then go ahead (you can also start right away ... I just like the dry variation a bit more)

Step 2:
Use Superglue and miliput to get your "tree" stand up the way you like it to be.

Step 3:
Superglue Flock on the parts there your fruits have been growing. Much space here to attach something.

Step 4:
Wait till everything dryed and do your basing...

Enjoy your lovely result

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