Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

Flames of War - Tutorial - Entrenchment Markers (easy way)

After looking around on the web in search of entrechment markers I was wondering why there is a prize for approx 15 Euros or 12 british pounds for a bit of markers... ok they come prepainted and possibly also with some flock... too expensive in my opinion.

So lets take a look at them closer and substitude some things.


always the worse problem to encounter... I scaled mine to approx half of the width of a small base. Means you take your small base. Place it and then use half of the smallest side. Thats my base width.
For its length I took two medium sized infantry platoon bases and put them next to each other. With this I still keep the opportunity to work out a complete entrenchment for a much lengthier part.. e.g. dug in platoon etc.

With this settled.... start ...


Materials needed:
The base I have done upfront

Step 1:

Make sure you have everything by hand... enjoy your coffee....

Cut the partysticks to an even length. I personally dont like the more upper and lower parts.. I only took the middle part from it.

Step 2:
Use some rest from your base cutting part and glue it on top of the base. Afterwards Superglue the Partysticks alongside.

Step 3:
Cut some smaller parts from the partysticks as to stabilize the thing.

Step 4:
Use filler to get some sort of upwards hill to your entrechment.

Step 5:
Wait till dry.. Decorate, Prime, paint and flock it as desired.... and, of course,  have fun....

P.S.: Time on this one is nothing more than 5 Minutes......

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