Sonntag, 24. November 2013

Flames of War - Tutorial - Building Wood Trees the cheap way

Was a bit quite lately , but work and a serious blood infection really chained me to the bed and far away from anything that had to do with wargaming or similar stuff.

I often find myself on websites offereing the different sorts of trees suitable for wargaming. Most often I am also wondering which size does matter to 15mm and Flames of War... the answer I finally found in my bathroom....

What you need:
- Earsticks for cleaning your ears (pls unused !)
- Miliput or other putty
- a base
- Superglue
- Flock

Step 1:

Take all the stuff you need and crosscheck if you have everything... have a cup of coffee.

Step 2:
Take the earsticks and superglue them to your base. Afterwards put some miliput or putty around it.
After crosschecking both variants (with or without the stuff you clean your ears with I highly recommend the ones with that stuff)

Step 3:
Superglue flock as desired to your stick... et voila... tres chic :)

Step 4:
Do your basing stuff around it and it should blend perfectly to your gaming table. Doesnt cost a fortune and is easy to make within 2 Minutes.

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