Montag, 13. Mai 2013

Flames of War - (Tutorial) - Ruins in 15mm Rural (also for sale)

Hi all,

relocating takes a while and so I found some time for a couple of short projects. One is to finally finish two wallsides which I did in plaster and then had the honor to scratch everything of detail into it.... BUT  I think the work really was worth the time.

After doing a mould of the two sides I did I finally can reproduce them as often as I like... so if anyone after this tutorial is interested in getting one similar look alike ruin for his/her gaming table pls drop me a note. I guess flocked and painted with 8 Euros each is not much:

So what did I do here:

Taking measurements of course first (as you can see from the heavy mortar unit I used as a guidance.
The base is a round beermatt which I got from my local pub again.
Flock is by The Army Painter
Colours are Vallejo

So enjoy these masterpieces.

If you want to buy some for your gaming table please contact me. As a plastercasting , based, flocked and painted I would be delighted to get 8 Euros per piece (that means a full base) plus postage. Similar looking to one of these.

Enjoy !

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