Samstag, 4. Mai 2013

Flames of War - (Tutorial) - Rivers the easy way

Hi all,

still not moved house and even now a bit time to do some stuff. Due to the fact that I have quite some cardboard now staying around I took the opportunity to get some for some rivers.

What is needed:

- Cardboard
- Special glue that keeps a shiny surface
- PVA Glue
- Stones/Gravel
- Sand
- Flock
- Sticki paper
- Filler

My river is approx 8 cm wide including the sides

Step 1:
Take two pencils and a ruler. Use some cheap tape and wrap your pencils around ruler in your desired wide (remember mine is 8 cm). Looks funny, but is a great thing to speed things up

Step 2:
Take your cardboard and simply outline your river

Step 3:
Cut your river pieces

Step 4:
Use some sticki paper to seal all open sides.

After Step 4 it should look like this ....

Step 5:
Now do the banks of the river with filler and place stones, sand etc.. in it

Step 6:
Basecoat all... I did it black

Step 7:
Paint your stuff when it is dried.. I used different brown, red and yellow for the river banks as well different blue , green and brown colours for the actual water.

Step 8:
When everything is dry and highlighted use your shiny glue on the water surface.... this will later on still reflect the light as would real water do as well.

Step 9:
Flock the river banks....

finish :)

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